Eduard J. Bomhoff retired in January 2023 as professor of economics at Monash University, Malaysia campus in Kuala Lumpur (the third-largest campus of Monash with over 8000 students). From 2005 to 2010 he was Dean of Social Sciences and Head of the School of Business at the Malaysia campus of the University of Nottingham. Born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, he was president of the Dutch national  union of university students in 1968, and also obtained an M.Sc. in pure mathematics (Leiden University). After three years of volunteer teaching in Kenya he obtained a  PhD in economics (cum laude) on the topic of inflation from Erasmus University Rotterdam.  His research on inflation, exchange rates, forecasting and monetary policy has appeared in top international journals.  Bomhoff has also written seven books and hundreds of articles for the general and business press.

Students and executives at the Netherlands School of Economics and at Nyenrode Business School awarded him the “teacher of the year” prize. Bomhoff has also been a visiting professor in Belgium, Germany, Singapore, Moscow and Bahrain. He has worked as an adviser at the Bank of Japan in Tokyo and at the I.M.F. In 2002 he served as Deputy Prime minister and minister of Health in the interim government of the Netherlands at the invitation of the LPF, the party of the assassinated Pim Fortuyn.

Janneke and Eduard Bomhoff have two adult children and four grandchildren. Their outside interests include opera, classical music and traveling.

Artikelen in Wynia’s Week voor 2023 staan op http://www.bomhoffsblog.nl

Interview Elsevier (in Dutch) in Elsevier – the largest weekly magazine in Holland – to remember Pim Fortuyn, 15 years after his assassination in May 2002.


Blinde Ambitie – mijn 87 dagen met Zalm, Heinsbroek en Balkenende – Uitgeverij Balans 2002  Bestseller nummer 1 in Nederland in December 2002

DNB en Icesave – incompetent en ook nog oneerlijk – fragment van “Uitgekleed” (Uitgeverij Balans, 2010) – Uitgekleed

Two more Dutch-language collections of newpapers columns with Balans and three English books with North-Holland and Academic press.

Recent Publications: Please go to  Dutch Article’s page or Publications (English articles) or see the website of Wynia’s Week.

E-mail from January 31, 2023: bomhoffeduard@gmail.com

Last updated on  February 24, 2023

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